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Why Repair?

Reduced Costs

Repair is nearly always cheaper than replacement, in some cases savings can be up to 90% over replacing with new. There are also hidden costs as changing equipment may incur additional setup, training and restocking expense and may also rendering any stocks of spares and consumables you may have obsolete.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime costs you and your customers money as well as affecting your service delivery. In many cases repairs can be carried out in hours rather than days required to obtain parts from the manufacturer.

Increased Service Life

With the rapid upgrade cycles which are evident for modern electronic equipment, manufacturers are offering product and spares support for shorter periods. By having your equipment repaired, its service life can, in many cases be extended long after the manufacturer ceases to offer support.

Environmentally Friendly

With the current concerns surrounding environmental pollution, equipment disposal is becoming a real issue. By having your equipment repaired you are reducing the amount of equipment going into landfill. In addition, under proposed WEEE legislation, businesses will face increased costs and possible fines related to equipment disposal.