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Logistical Solutions

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Electroversal Ltd maintains a group of vehicles that are able to undertake deliveries and collections throughout the United Kingdom.  With fully trained crew members we can deliver to various types of business premises including multi floor, temporary sites and events.  With the latest stair climber technology and fully trained drivers we can undertake jobs at the more challenging premises.

Delivery Zones

Prices are per location and include a two man delivery crew.  We can move multiple devices as price is not per device but this is limited to 1000kgs per journey. 

Area Price
Zone1 £100
Zone 2 £200
Zone 3 £275
Zone 4 £350
Zone 5 £300
Zone 6 £350

Additional Services

All additional services must be agreed in writing prior to collection/delivery and an EMI must be supplied.

All drivers have had CTC checks and have been cleared for the Olympics.

All prices exclude VAT