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We are ever expanding our range of products and services.  If you cannot find reference to your product or part on any of our pages then you are welcome to send it to us for a free evalution.

What is involved?
Our technician will assess your part to determine if a repair service can be offered.  If a repair price is quoted you can decide to proceed or have the part returned unrepaired.  

What does it cost?
The initial assessment is free of charge and only the return carriage of £7 is payable.  If a repair price is quoted our customer services team will discuss all pricing with you before continuing with any repairs.

What do I include?
We recommend packing your part securely and sending with a tracked courier.  You should include:
If you would like to speak to our technican to discuss repair options prior to sending your part then please contact our customer service team.

*Subject to change and excluding VAT